Tenant Application and Sample Lease

The Application process takes about 3 business days. Use that time to read the lease below and call the manager with questions. If you can't move in right away, and you are paying a fee (one month's rent) to have the home reserved for you, please be sure the lease is acceptable to you prior to paying. The reservation fee is non-refundable for any reason so be sure all decision-makers are in love with the home before you put any money down.

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Note: Our homes are not Section 8 certified so we cannot accept housing vouchers.

-No unresolved housing issues such as unpaid judgments .

-No smokers inside or outside of the property.

-Credit report must show some tradelines and must have a score.

-Good rent payment history from current landlord. (We'll send you the form).

-Pets negotiable at some properties (speak to us before applying).

-No violent crime felonies.

-All adults must be on the application even if they are not paying the rent.

-Salary requirement: 3x the rent (we don't accept split payments for rent from roommates).

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Hard to qualify? Do not complete the application below yet. You may be eligible for our co-signor program if you are willing to pay 3x the rent to get the home. Call 770-616-6935 to discuss.

App process is NOT necessarily first-come, first served. The first best-qualified prospect who also secures the home with a reservation fee of one month's rent will get the home.

If you think there may be something on your credit that may get you denied, then call 770-616-6935 to discuss with Vera before paying the NON-REFUNDABLE app fee of $45 per person.

Notes: The lease provided here is just for your reading convenience. Printing it is optional. We will email your customized lease once your application is approved. 

LEASE. Please read before you complete the application.
Residential History form. Tenant completes the top and bottom.

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Lease - PFHR -13.pdf

VERIFICATION - Landlord 3.docx

VERIFICATION - Employment 3.doc

eEmployment verification. Tenant completes the top and bottom. Employer completes the middle.

APPLICATION IS HERE: The app fee is non-refundable for any reason. Follow this link to the automated application. Cut and paste if you have trouble.


Just call us at 770-616-6935 if you have questions.